Seaside, Oregon

At the southern end of the Clatsop Plains lies a town at the very edge of the Pacific, the city of Seaside.

Seaside began as a historic salt-making site, having finally reached the ocean by the Lewis and Clark expedition in 1806. This location would later become a full-fledged coastal resort by 1899. By 1912, Franco-Prussian War veteran Alexandre Gilbert moved to the area from San Francisco with big ideas in mind for this little vacation community. Gilbert, a natural at real estate development, decided to donate one and a half miles of his land to create a public network to unite the many cottages and resorts. This stretch of land would later be known as one of Seaside’s most famous landmarks today, the Promenade, or just the “Prom,” for short.

Currently, Seaside’s geography features a gradual slope of wide beach and dunes from the Clatsop Spit. This environment provides the perfect breeding ground for millions of razor clams every year, forming their beds along Seaside’s clean Pacific sands. Today, Seaside has incorporated another kind of perfect recipe, clam chowder! Indeed, Norma’s Seafood restaurant is home to one of the most beloved and acclaimed clam chowders by professionals across the nation. It’s Seaside’s clamming ambitions and friendly access that attracts thousands of visitors to the area again and again.

Today you will find plenty of fun family activities, which include arcades, an aquarium, crabbing from the bridges, and much much more. Events from Hot Rod shows, to volleyball tournaments and many other activities fill the calendar throughout the year.  There is something going on almost all year round in Seaside.


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