TJ’s Auto Repair in Warrenton puts their heart and soul into everything they do, from repairing your grandfather’s car to changing your oil, to collecting food for their annual food drive. They don’t just put out a few food bins and hope for the best. Nope, TJ’s kicks it up a notch so that their generous customers often bring in entire car loads of canned goods, dry goods, and other donated items for needy families around Clatsop County.

TJ’s Automotive Repair always lloks forward to their annual food drive.
Photo credit: Calle Macarone via Unsplash
The holidays are tough for some families around Clatsop County and TJ’s helps out by adopting 5 needy familes.
Photo credit: Katrina Smith

Tim Dowell and Katrina Smith are the owners and operators of TJ’s Auto Repair in Warrenton. Since 1990 the family run auto repair shop has been an essential part of the community. Every year, beginning in November, they kick off their annual food drive to collect food and other donations for five under privileged families in Clatsop County. Their adoptive families come from the Wishing Tree Program. Donations start pouring in on November 1st and before long the shop is full of food, toys, clothes, and other crucial items for these families. For more information about Wishing Tree, or to volunteer, call Denise Cleavland at  503-861-8765  cell  503-440-1123  Astoria, OR, or email

Tim and Katrina make it easy donate. If you don’t have time to shop they’re happy to do it for you. Some customers just give them a gift card and they take the time to hand select appropriate items for each family. Then the Christmas present wrapping begins. Other customers really get into the spirit by working closely with their neighbors or other community clubs to gather up as much as they can and fill the shop from top to bottom.

Many generous customers donate lots of food to TJ’s annual food drive.
Photo credit: Katrina Smith

TJ’s offers a great incentive by awarding a years’ worth of oil changes to the customer that donates the most food. They keep track of the number of donated items and people get awfully competitive and generous. One customer typically donates hams for the families. There seems to be no end to the kindness and support of the coastal community.

If you would like to get into the spirit of the holidays and make a positive difference in the lives of others, drop your food donation off to TJ’s Auto Repair in Warrenton. They are always available for regular maintenance or needed auto repairs. Have questions? Contact them today!  

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