From Marching Band to Rock N Roll, The Audrey Aiken Band Popularity is Exploding

Ken and Audrey Aiken are local musicians with big dreams that are quickly gaining popularity and increasing their reach beyond Clatsop County. Their love story is nearly as entertaining as their music. When they met on E-Harmony in 2014, they had no idea that years later, they would be playing for Christine Drazan, Republican candidate for Oregon Governor, at her upcoming election party!


They met in 2014 after Ken returned from a trip with his marching band to Shanghai. Not long after their first few dates, he was hurt in a car accident, and Audrey rushed to the hospital to be by his side. He had previously asked her to join The Beat Goes On Marching Band, but she said she wouldn’t unless they were married. The car accident gave him a new perspective, and he proposed right there in the hospital! They were married three weeks later and have been making music together ever since.

Ken Aiken grew up in Astoria. In fact, Ernie Aiken Field is named after his father. Ken attended Oregon State University, retired, and now lives in the Hillsboro area. He started playing his friend’s trumpet in grade school when they walked home from school. His musical talents have increased considerably to the trumpet, claviers, congas, and tambourine. He sings harmony in the band and likes to whistle during their performances. He is also learning music production and is about to release an album! One of his claims to fame is that he played in President Obama’s inauguration band. He’s even traveled to Australia for performances!


Audrey’s career began with her singing jazz and blues. Frank Sinatra and Bill Withers were significant influences on her music. One of the songs on her upcoming album, Brown Eye Betty, is about her life’s journey and the importance of holding onto your core values. Her life journey has taken her down many roads, and she is thankful to now be with Ken as partners in the band and life.


Audrey is the band’s lead singer, plays tambourine and piano, and is their songwriter. She has been playing music since school and grew up with more southern rock influences from bands like Lynyrd Skinner and ZZ Top. She likes to get people to get up and dance, and it brings her joy to see them moving and getting into the music. Recently she started playing at open mics, the crowd responded favorably, and her popularity has soared! She also occasionally enjoys playing unplugged at local wineries and other events.

 Together, the Audrey Aiken Band has the world as their oyster and is eager to see what the future holds for them. They have been featured in Positively Entertainment magazine and will soon perform in Phoenix, Arizona. You can follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

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