School board members, and Skanska Leadership give a thumbs up before raising the final I-Beam onto the building.
Artist rendering of the new Warrenton Middle School

On Wednesday the 16th, members of the Warrenton School Board, iron workers, community members, and the press were invited to participate in a ceremonial “last I-Beam” placement for the new Warrenton Middle School.  During the ceremony, attendees were encouraged to sign their names on the I-Beam prior to its positioning. 

Once the I-Beam is in place, they expect to begin putting on the exterior of the building and plan to have if fully enclosed by mid January.


A few fun facts about the project:

  • Construction on the emerging 45,000-square-foot middle school is also now underway, along with districtwide improvements. The new school will feature a new gymnasium, full-service kitchen, classrooms and administration areas.
  • Site development for this project also includes creation of a new county road and needed infrastructure.
  • The development of the approximately 58-acre site will include two future expansions, comprising a new high school and new elementary school.
  • Districtwide improvements include repairs and upgrades to the existing elementary and high school.
  • This 2018 bond-funded project will be complete in 2021.
  • Long range future plans include, football and baseball fields, viewing stadium, a track.

The Warrenton-Hammond School board, along with the District superintendent have worked tirelessly on making this dream a reality. Tom Rogozinski, Superintendent of Warrenton-Hammond School District stated, “Skanska’s expertise and professionalism are apparent in every step of the planning and construction of our new middle school. Warrenton Middle School will open on-time and on-budget. Having local subcontractors play a significant part in this successful project is a huge benefit to our community.”

School contractor Skanska, is currently working on local school projects for the Astoria School District as well.

Trevor Wyckoff, Skanska vice president and account manager stated, “K-12 education projects are one of Skanska’s main areas of focus and we have several school construction and expansion projects happening now throughout the region. We are excited to deliver these meaningful school projects that will improve the education and learning experiences for the Astoria and Warrenton communities.”

Lisa Lamping stated, “as a long time, Warrenton resident, a graduate of Warrenton High School, a past city commissioner, and now owner of ClatsopNews, I cannot be more pleased to be writing this article about the newest school construction project in Warrenton. The need for upgrading our schools has been long overdue.”

The Junior High/Grade school has been filled to capacity for years, resulting in modular buildings being built to accommodate the overflow.

The Junior High/Grade school kids have shared a facility for the last 35+ years. The Warrenton High school has been in use for close to 70 years, and although being well maintained and having had some minor refurbishing over the years….it will need replacement soon.

The expectation is that over the next 20 years the remaining buildings also will be completed to meet the new demands for growth, Tsunami safety, and safer more sustainable facilities.

Great job and congratulations to Warrenton Hammond School board, and a huge thank your to the citizens of Warrenton for your support of this new build.  Warrenton LOVES their kids !

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