Owner Malcolm Cotte, stands outside his new Seafood Market in Warrenton


By Lisa Lamping

In downtown Warrenton, there is a new business opening up and the locals are pretty excited about it !

Malcolm Cotte, his wife Darcy, and daughter Aly, have teamed up to open a new seafood market.

Fishstix name and logo primarily designed by Malcolm’s daughter Aly.

Malcolm was the general manager of the Warrenton Deep Sea Market owned by Bornsteins, that closed down earlier this year, and with its closing, it was obvious that there was now a need for someone to fill that void. 

Cotte said, “it surprising that even though we live in coastal communities, we have a shortage of “fresh seafood markets to accommodate the locals and tourists.”

So after some discussions with his family, they sat down and brainstormed with their ideas, and came up with a plan, and a name…”FISHSTIX Seafood Market”. They wanted something unique, catchy and fun, and both Malcolm and Darcy give most of the name credit to their daughter Aly who is a business major in college.

The market plans to offer fresh in season seafood and some smoked seafood offerings as well. Their fish supply will come mainly from Ocean Beauty and Pacific Coast Seafood canneries.

The hope is for the business to open by the second week in November if all the remodeling comes together.  They want it to be done right and are not rushing things. 

With the additional help of their other daughter Katy, and her husband David helping with interior work and clean up, they have altered the buildings façade by removing the large garage door that was once there, and are getting the final details done on the inside.  

Plumbing, painting, signage…fish refrigeration display …all the things you need to have a successful Seafood market are all in the works.

Outside signage is coming soon and Malcolm said the sign will have a “twist” to it, but did not reveal what that would be.  When it is all in place, they will open the doors. 

But beware…it might smell a little…well….fishy inside…and that is a good thing!

Located at, 38 SE 1st St in Warrenton, right behind the Warrenton Mini Mart complex. 

You can also contact them at 503-338-9141 or email them at

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