Great Ideas for the Easter Holiday!

Historical Daffodil Easter Cross at the Clatsop Plains Church

Family-Friendly Easter Activities You Can Do at Home

Easter is just around the corner, but unfortunately, it’s beginning to look like we may not be able to partake in the traditional large group Easter celebrations that are a cherished part of our community. Fortunately, there are many fun family-friendly Easter activities that you can do at home. From baking to making Easter cards and paining shells, there’s a little something for kids of all ages, big or tall, young or old.

Making Cupcakes or Cookies

Get creative by making cupcakes in the Easter Holiday Theme.

Cupcakes are always a family favorite, especially when covered in delicious icing! Why not make a lemon-flavored cupcake and decorate it so that it looks like a little baby chick? All you have to do is put some shredded coconut in yellow food covering so that it turns yellow and then dry it out again. Use yellow frosting and then put the yellow coconut shreds over the icing. Use chocolate M&Ms or raisins for the eyes, and corn candy or orange gumdrops cut into triangles as the chick’s beak! Don’t feel like going to all that trouble? Then make some sugar cookies and die the dough pastel colors and use an egg colored cookie cutter!

Making Homemade Easter Cards

Spend time with the kids crafting Easter cards.

There are a lot of lonely senior citizens socially isolated right now. Get the kids together, gather up some art supplies, and make homemade Easter greeting cards to mail to them and brighten their day. Of course, you should take precautions like washing your hands well with hot soapy water before making and sending the cards.

Dying Easter Eggs

Dying Easter Eggs is a fun family tradition, and the egg-dying kits keep getting fancier. Now we can make speckled eggs, swirled eggs, glittery eggs, stickered eggs, and more. See how many different types of decorated eggs you can make. After Easter, you can whip up a batch of deviled eggs, which are everyone’s favorite!

Color Explosions with Easter Dyes on Hard boiled eggs

Hiding and Hunting Easter Eggs for Neighbors and Family

Now that you have all those decorated eggs get up early on Easter and go hide them around your yard or even the neighbor’s yard! You can also put your favorite candy in the little plastic eggs and hide those.

In-home Scavenger Hunt

Plan a scavenger hunt in addition to hunting eggs.

An in-home scavenger hunt can be a lot of fun, especially for older kids. Make up some clues and write them down. They don’t have to be too hard, but you want to make it challenging enough to keep the kid’s interest. For example, maybe hide a clue under your dog’s bed and make a clue about the name of your dog, or hide a clue inside the car or in their soccer cleats. Get creative, and don’t forget to hide a prize at the last clue!

Painting Rocks and Shells Easter Colors

A popular hobby these days is painting rocks and hiding them for others to find. Gather up some smooth stones and break out the paints! You can also paint clamshells or dried up sand dollars!

Preparing an Easter Feast

Ask the kids to help you come up with the best dishes for a delicious family Easter feast! Then, get them involved in the cooking. Show them how to cook the potatoes and mash them with lots of butter, or how to roast vegetables. Ask them to look through your recipe books to find new recipes to try!

Traditional Easter dinner meals with family provide a great time to catch up and enjoy some great cooking!

This Easter might be much different than past Easters, but it can still be unique and memorable. It just takes a little forethought and creativity to make it fun. From us to you and your family, Happy Easter!

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