7 Fun Ideas to Celebrate Valentine’s Day Around Clatsop County

If you’re looking for some fun ideas for celebrating Valentine’s Day around Clatsop County, you’re in luck! The days of flowers or dinner are long gone. It’s time to be a little creative and show your Valentine that you put some thought into it. You don’t have to spend a bunch of money either! So, sit back, relax, and let your fun-loving energy flow as you plan your Valentine’s Day celebration.

Scavenger Hunt

Present to your Valentine a Valentine’s Day card with the following instructions inside:

               To celebrate our love this Valentine’s Day, we are going to spend the entire day together on a customized scavenger hunt! You get to come up with three odd things that we have to find, and I get to come up with three things. Try to make them as unusual as possible! For example, maybe we need to find a single used shoe or a piece of clothing with a unicorn on it. The point is, we’re going to have some fun looking for weird and wacky things in strange places!

Build a Love Hut out of Driftwood

Go down to your favorite beach and try to find enough driftwood to make your own little love hut. Waikiki Beach at Cape Disappointment State Park is perfect for this as the beach is covered with driftwood! Then, work together to construct your masterpiece. Once you’re done, have a little picnic inside and celebrate your success!

Take an Art Class Together

Credit: Unsplash

Instead of giving your beloved chocolates or flowers, purchase an art class from Clatsop Community College, or any of the other many art studios in the area that offer classes. Maybe you can learn to make stained glass, pottery, or take a paint and sip class. Whatever it is, you might find some hidden talent, and at the very least you’ll meet some new people and have a good time.

Take a Dance Class Together

Maybe art isn’t your thing. How about a dance class instead? Learn to Tango, swing dance, hip-hop, Salsa, or tap! Put on your dancing clothes and go get jiggy wit’ it! Dancing is a blast, and it’s great exercise! You might find that you’re the new Fred and Ginger! The Astoria Arts and Movement Center is a great place to get your groove on. Give them a call and see what they have to offer!

Credit : Unsplash

Make Your own Gourmet Meal

Anyone can go out for dinner, but not anyone can cook a gourmet meal. You could cook it yourself to surprise your sweetheart, or you could come up with the menu, buy the ingredients, and do it together. Either way, you’ll save some money and have a memorable bonding experience.

Go on a Road Trip

Valentine’s day falls on a Friday this year! Pack up your gear and head out on a road trip together after work on Friday. Drive to the Olympic Peninsula, Seattle, or Hood River, or maybe have no agenda at all. You never know where you’ll end up and what you’ll see! Want to kick it up a notch? Bring along three greeting cards that you already signed and sealed and give your partner one on each day of your weekend road trip.

Write a Love Letter and Stick it Inside a Handmade Card

You don’t need to buy a card, you can make one, and it will mean a lot more to your partner than one bought off the rack at the local grocery store. Tap into your creative side. You could even paste a photo of the two of you together to the front of the card. Then, handwrite a love letter and fold it nicely inside the card you made.

The most important thing about your Valentine’s Day gift or celebration is that you put thought into it. It truly is the thought that counts. Years from now, she probably won’t remember that little stuffed animal by the checkout stand, but she will remember that dance class you took together or the silly art project you made. From all of us at Clatsop News, we hope your Valentine’s Day is full of love and laughter!

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