The Upside-down World of the Addams Family


“In the kooky, upside-down world of the Addams Family, to be sad is to be happy, to feel pain is to feel joy, and death and suffering are the stuff of their dreams.” This describes well what the musical, the Addams Family, is all about. The Warrenton High School drama class, directed by teacher James Hackwith, has been submerged in this spooky reality while rehearsing their lines and songs during the past couple of months. The play, that will take place during Memorial Day weekend, will let the audience see this strange family and experience their oddness when the daughter, Wednesday, falls in love with Lucas, a normal boy from a normal family.

Junior Riley Bjork and sophomore Sarah Karr have been a big help for the teacher, staying often hours after school to build up the stage

Even though the musical is surrounded with dark humor, the plot is light and fun, and the show is suitable for the whole family. The Addams Family musical is based of Charles Addams’ original cartoons that were published in the New Yorker in 1930s. The Broadway musical, which was performed to sold out audiences in 2010-2011, is written by Marshall Brickman and Rick Elice, and lyrics and music is done by Andrew Lippa.

The Addams Family is also known as a classic TV sitcom in 1960s, and the story has since been made to many variations, including animated and regular movies. In 1991 the movie focusing on this bizarre family was a big success and was followed with a sequel, The Addams Family Values, two years later. The newest animated film will come to theaters in October 2019.

The Musical at WHS in Memorial Day Weekend

“In one fateful, hilarious night, secrets are disclosed, relationships are tested, and the Addams Family must face up to the one horrible thing they have managed to avoid for generations: change.” Come see what happens when the Addams invite Lucas’s parents over for a dinner. “Lucas Beineke (played by Kitchell Cox) is a sweet, smart boy from a normal, respectable Ohio family – the most un-Addams sounding person one could be!”

The drama teacher James Hackwith building the stage for the Addams Family musical after school hours with Riley Bjork. Hackwith is well known of his stages that are always built in perfection.

The mother, Morticia (played by Anna Schenbeck), father Gomez (played by Blake Leitch), daughter Wednesday (played by Sofia Morrill), and son Pugsley (played by Emily Bergerson), will show a glimpse of what life is like for this peculiar family. It is not only odd, but it is spooky, especially when their ancestors are present with this family.  This high school version of the popular musical is rather comical and funny, without too much of a scare. The performances are on Wednesday 22nd, Friday 24th and Saturday 25th at 7PM. Doors will be open at 6:30PM. Admission is $8/ea. Please come support the WHS Drama program, and enjoy a night full of music and somewhat spooky humor.

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