City of Warrenton Growing With the Times !

Drone view of Spur 104 and Hwy 101 . Costco and Walmart areas among other business' can be seen in the background. Photo by: Lamping Photography

Transportation System Plan

The City of Warrenton’s new Transportation System Plan was adopted at February 14th’s City Commision Meeting. The plan will steer future improvements in this sector.

2019 Clatsop County Housing Strategies Report

In 2017 Clatsop County underwent a study to examine the land available for housing development. This year, Warrenton and other Clatsop County cities examined the study and will begIn making decisions regarding what is needed to supply housing for residents in coming years. Findings point out the “missing middle” says Community Development Director Kevin Cronin. Duplexes, 3-plexes and townhouses cater to working class families, this is needed all along the coast. The report discovered that, although there is enough housing in the area, 1.4 units per resident, it is not being used by locals year-round. Twenty-seven percent of housing is vacant. Through this and other findings, the report sets the goal of increasing workforce housing and focusing on controlling land zoned for residential housing and using it efficiently.

Economic Vitality Roadmap Group

In a new initiative, the City of Warrenton is enabling a group of citizens in the brainstorming process for city projects. “They are energized, it is exciting.” Kevin Cronin, Community Development Director,says, “It is something I like to come to work for.” There are three different tasks on the docket and the team has met several times to discuss. The focus project is repurposing and improving properties in downtown Warrenton in order to add mixed-use buildings. They may include retail, office space or apartments. The group hopes to fill the downtown area with vibrant tenants who will bring business and energy to the area.

Warrenton’s post office located in the downtown core area.

The post office is also under discussion. The group is considering renovating or rebuilding in order to make the city building more friendly and welcoming. The group’s meetings are open to the public and all are welcome to share their opinion.

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