Marcia (Marcy) Harper began her career with State Farm Insurance in July of 1984 at her office on Harbor Drive Warrenton. In a town with a population of 2,020 she and her hard working team of licensed staff were often ranked among the 25 top producing agencies in a five state area. With positive energy, professional staff and a commitment to the community, Marcy plans to continue the momentum in her new State Farm office at 675 SE Marlin in the GB Jeweler building.

State Farm Marcia Harper
Marcia Harper has been working with State Farm in Clatsop County for over 30 years. Photo courtesy: State Farm

Inspired by her grandfather’s travels and work in the logging industry in Astoria in the 1920s, Marcy decided move her family from Montana to Clatsop County in 1979. After working as an accountant and driver in the  long haul trucking business in Montana,  she moved to Seaside and  changing  gears  began working in an a CPA  firm. Her professional reputation and attention to detail garnered the notice of client, long time Seaside State Farm agent Roger Truax who had become manager for the Lower Columbia Region of State Farm Agents. Marcy jumped in headfirst and started her own agency in 1984 and later bought the building at 936 E Harbor drive that she would use for her office over the next 3 decades. The building   was almost a century old and had been floated down the Columbia River in the early 1900 and put in its current location. . Marcy moved in, built up her business, then added on and renovated in 1992.

She has had several long term dedicated staff, which was her inspiration to provide affordable on site-child care to her employees. “All my employees and tenants had children and were paying a fortune and commuting long distances to transport their children for daycare,” comments Marcy. “I wanted to provide on-site daycare with far less cost to the employees. I hired a daycare operator and put a large play deck on one of my building’s rental units. We ended up being one of the first small businesses in the state to provide on-site daycare for their employees. It was great, they could visit with their children and participate in their care throughout the day.”

While the daycare is no longer operating as the team’s needs have changed, the teamwork, attention to customer needs and professionalism has transcended the decades. Harper’s State Farm office has licensed Spanish speaking personnel and wants to provide professional insurance service to all clients. “Our goal is to know each person and meet their needs with State Farm insurance,” says Marcy. The office functions as a team. While everyone has their own role, our mission is to work together to take care of our customers and provide professional service to each customer. Gabriela has a strong Hispanic client base and enjoys working with them.

State Farm Warrenton Team
The team at State Farm are dedicated to helping you will your insurance needs. Photo courtesy: State Farm

Marcy has gone above and beyond in her commitment to her clients. State Farm Insurance companies require all insurance-producers (staff) to be licensed.   Marcy and licensed staff, Gabriela De Anda, Morgan Shearn and JoAnna Murk write insurance for both Oregon and Washington,” Carlos De Anda is currently getting his license as well.  Gabriela De Anda, current office manager, who has with Marcy for 11 years said “Marcy is a great boss and we all respect her.”

Gabriela got her start with Marcy’s State Farm office as a high-school intern in 2007 and in more recent years her brother Carlos began with a high-school internship as well. The brother and sister were raised in Clatsop County, graduated from Warrenton High School and now work seamlessly together under Marcy. Carlos is working towards a degree and his insurance license. They are both valued employees. “Gaby is very dedicated,” explains Marcy, “I do not know what I would have done without her.”

State Farm Team
Many of Marcy’s State Farm team has been working for her for years. Photo courtesy: State Farm

“I have enjoyed being involved in many community groups over the last 34 years,” says Marcy. “Currently we are proud to be the sponsor of Coastal Elite Basketball Camp, a local day camp for both boys and girls (ages 8-17) who wish to build upon their basketball skills without traveling outside of the county. It will be one of the best things to happen to Clatsop County youth in ages.” The Warrenton State Farm also provides some scholarships for registration costs and has additional sign-up information in the State Farm office. We hope to have a sign-up event this spring with Coastal Elite Basketball Camp originator, Nick Booth.

The award winning team led by agent Marcy is enjoying the new office in GB Jeweler’s Building at 675 SE Marlin, Suite 3. “Warrenton is growing and we wanted to be close to the highway in order to grow with it,” explains Marcy. “I am so happy to have a team that will continue to help provide professional customer service to our community.”

State Farm Insurance
675 SE Marlin, STE 3
Monday-FridayL 8:30 .a.m. – 5:00 p.m.


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