Krist Novoselic: Famous Rock Star Lives Among Us

Here in the local Finnish communities of Naselle, Rosburg, Deep River, Rosburg, Grays River and Skamakawa, we have been privileged to have a star living among us!

My husband’s family has a small connection to him. The Swansons are related to Krist’s 1st wife, so my family was fortunate to see him at a couple of our family reunions. My daughters remember asking him for his autograph, but mostly the family just enjoyed getting to know him and found him to be very personable and down to earth.

Krist bought property and made his home in Deep River, Wa. in 1992 and has lived in our local area ever since, buying properties to help preserve the land. His home is just past the historic Deep River Church. He has become quite active in the local Grange Halls and is currently serving as head of the Skamokawa Grange.

Krist Novoselic is a rock musician and was the original bass player and founder of the famous rock group: Nirvana!  He has celebrity status, yet he is one of us and is treated with respect.

Since an early age, Krist became interested in music after listening to Chuck Berry with his father. He became very interested in hard rock bands such as Zeppelin, The Who and Aerosmith. He has credited Paul McCartney, Gene Simmons and others as major influences in his music.

Krist’s brother Robert introduced him to Kurt Cobain one day, and the two became friends, sharing a passion for punk rock. Eventually, the two formed the band “Nirvana”, which ran from 1987 to 1994.

In 1991, the band recorded their first Major label called “Nevermind”, which launched the band as a worldwide phenomenon with a hit single called: “Smells Like Teen Spirit”.  In 1992, at the MTV music awards, Nirvana won awards for the Best New Artist in a video and the Best Alternative Video for “Smells Like Teen Spirit.” Sadly, Nirvana ended and the band broke up after the death of Kurt Cobain in April of 1994.

For months afterward, Krist Novoselic removed himself from the spotlight. One of the few public appearances came the following September at the MTV Video Music Awards. The video for Nirvana’s “Heart-Shaped Box” was awarded for Best Alternative Video and Krist paid tribute to Cobain there.

The following year, Krist began to get involved in music once again.  He formed the band “Sweet 75” in 1995, and released a single album in 1997.  In 1998, he directed his first movie called, “L7, The Beauty Process,” a documentary that showed concert footage from 3 different cities.

In 2002, Krist Novoselic performed background vocals on the “Foo Fighters” song entitled: “Walking a Line”, which was written in honor of Kurt Cobain.

In 2006, he replaced the bass player in the group “Flipper” and toured with them in the United Kingdom and Ireland.

Krist played in a band called “Flipper” from 2006 to 2009.  In 2011, he supplied bass and accordion for the song: “I Should Have Known” on the “Foo Fighters” album.

Since 2016, he has been playing bass guitar and accordion in a new band called “Giants in the Trees.” The band has played all over the Northwest!

Krist has been very active in politics.  He created the ‘political action committee (JAMPAC—Joint Artists and Musicians Political Action Committee).  Krist wrote a weekly column on music and politics for the Seattle Weekly’s website. Since 2008, Krist has been the chairman for the electoral reform organization called “FairVote.”

In 2009, Krist even played a newspaper vendor in the movie: “World’s Greatest Dad,” starring Robin Williams. (Very cool!)

In 2010, Krist joined the band “Foo Fighters” to help record their next album called: “Wasting Light,”  which was released in 2011. He also got the opportunity to play for the “Nevermind” 20th anniversary celebration in Seattle.

In 2012, the remaining Nirvana members partnered up with Paul McCartney on the song: “Cut Me Some Slack,” which was composed for the soundtrack of the documentary “Sound City.”  It was shown on December 2012, at the festival 12-12-12, in New York, and brought together music celebrities to help the victims of Hurricane Sandy. The song also won a Grammy for Best Rock Song in 2014. The partnership was called: “Sirvana”, by Krist Novoselic, which referred to Sir Paul McCartney.  (I remember watching this on TV and feeling proud to know him!)

In 2016, Krist even performed with Paul McCartney on “Helter Skelter” in Seattle as part of the “One on One” tour.

Krist is now writing more music for his current band called “Giants in the Trees.” They have performed in Astoria, Oregon, along with other local venues. The band members are all from the Skamakawa Grange Hall where Krist remains active.  My husband and I look forward to hearing his band perform. We also hope to get Krist involved in our local Finn festival in 2018.

Krist Novoselic continues to be a great supporter of the local communities of Naselle, Deep River, Rosburg, Grays River and Skamakawa. We are grateful for his contributions to our local historical areas, local real estate, community involvement, music events and culture.

Kiitos to Krist!

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