Lessons Learned 030417

Lessons Learned The Hard Way

Warrenton Police Files

By Shaylyn French

For David M. May or Warrenton, it was a jam packed evening of life lessons learned the hard way through a series of poor choices.

Anyone who knows about Fort Stevens State Park, knows it is considered  Oregon’s crown jewel of state parks. We take it personally when someone defaces our beautiful parks. For Mr. May, his travel down Lesson Lane began with a little help from our local police reminding him that it is never a good idea to damage public property. Attempting to avoid the accusation by lying about his involvement, WPD found proof to the contrary leading to an arrest for Criminal Mischief 2.

Strike two

 May was transported to CMH for medical evaluation, and as if being arrested for one charge wasn’t enough, Mr. May received yet another opportunity to learn a valuable lesson in life. What he learned from this event is that when a person is transported to the hospital to receive medical treatment, it is best for everyone involved to not make it harder for your hospital staff to care for you by becoming combative.

As May was being treated at CMH, he assaulted the police officer on scene, which earned him a free weekend at Clatsop County jail.

Lots of time to think about what he could have done differently.

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