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Sandi Harrington

Sandi Harrington has lived in the Seaside area since 1977 and loves the fresh beachy air, quite a difference from what her home town of Portland provides. What brought her here at age 24 was a career move, but what keeps her here are the beaches, the family-centered lifestyle, and the compassionate people who live and work here.   Sandi retired in 2015 after 40 years in the Health Information Management profession, then volunteered at several charitable organizations before becoming involved with the Seaside School District. She currently works part-time as a Special Education Assistant at Seaside Heights Elementary School, the school where her granddaughter attends.   She enjoys playing the piano and singing, editing stories for other authors, and writing short stories of her own, but spending time with her grandkids is what she loves most. The arts, music, entertainment, and laid-back lifestyle are intoxicating and she is truly blessed to be living here.