Warrenton Man Receives a New Kidney After Waiting 10 Years

Chris Osegura recovers from kidney transplant.

Chris shows his “number” which represents the total number of kidney transplants the hospital has done.

Christmas came early this year for Chris Oseguera, his wife Amanda, and their three kids, ages 12, 18, and 21. Just over ten years ago, Chris, who lives in Warrenton, began experiencing severe stomach pains. After a host of medical tests, he was diagnosed with PKD, Polycystic Kidney Disease. It’s a genetic disease that usually hits in the 30s and causes cysts to grow on the kidneys.

There is no cure for PKD, and it can lead to enlarged kidneys or end-stage renal disease. All the doctors can do is manage the condition and try to reduce and control the systems. Chris’s symptoms would occasionally worsen, causing him to miss work or be rushed to the ER. Fortunately, the Nike Outlet, where he works, has excellent health coverage for their workers and has been incredibly supportive of his family.

The Oseguera’s went through quite an ordeal to find a suitable kidney donor. His doctors warned him that finding a deceased donor was very unlikely, and finding a living donor would be a quicker route. Their daughter’s soccer team got involved with the search and PKD education. One day, a man came forward and expressed his interest in donating a kidney to Chris. It turns out he was a perfect match! Thinking their prayers were answered, they scheduled the surgery, but then COVID hit.

Legacy Emanuel Hospital in Portland called and canceled the surgery because it was considered elective or non-urgent. Chris and Amanda anxiously waited for COVID conditions to improve. A couple of months later, as COVID cases declined, the hospital called back and said they would perform the surgery but that Amanda would not be allowed in the hospital. Together, Chris and Amanda made the difficult decision to wait until she could be by his side.

Chris and family await his transplant surgery.

In July, the hospital called and said she could now come into the hospital, so they were eager for the surgery. But then they received some tragic news. Their donor was no longer a viable match! Chris went back on the donor list, and they had to start waiting all over again!

On October 3rd, their phone rang, and they were overcome with excitement when they heard they had found a kidney donor for Chris! The hospital said they needed to drop everything and drive immediately to Portland. They quickly got a sitter for their youngest and drove at the speed-of-light to Legacy Emmanual. Early the next morning, on October 4th, Chris received his new kidney! He now has three kidneys, which is not all that uncommon. The doctors don’t want to remove the old kidneys until absolutely necessary. The idea is that the third kidney will help ease the pressure off the other two.

At Nike, Chris’s colleagues call him “Batman” because he’s an avid collector of Batman memorabilia. It seems the Dark Knight has escaped death once again! Every day Chris gets stronger and feels better. He was only in the hospital for a few days, but they have to stay near the hospital for the next couple of weeks for follow-up appointments and to watch for rejection symptoms. The cost of accommodations and medications is quickly adding up, and both Chris and Amanda have had to miss substantial work as well.

A local non-profit has offered to help raise funds to assist with all the costs. If you want to help the Oseguera family, you can donate at www.wearehelpfulhearts.org/donate or their Venmo account @Amanda-Oseguera-1. From all of us at Clatsop News, we wish Chris a speedy recovery back to full health!

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