OPENING SEPTEMBER 1ST 6AM. Legendary Arnie’s Gets A Makeover and a NEW BEGINNING….

Crystal Green, owner of Arnies, beams as she anticipates opening at her newly designed location in Warrenton. After a year of designing, planning, and working hard, her vision is finally a reality.

Arnie’s Cafe has been a beloved part of the Warrenton community for decades, and now it is moving to a new location. Two years ago, Crystal and Michael Green realized they were outgrowing the current space and started to watch for the ideal new location. They think they’ve found it at the corner of 3rd and Main in downtown Warrenton.

The counter area of the new Arnie’s with the signature oval window looking into the kitchen cooking area.

Crystal has been involved in the restaurant business off and on since she was 14. She grew up watching her grandmother work in the industry as a server and cook. Her grandmother baked her famous pies and apple dumplings for a few establishments in the Nehalem Bay area. In their family, food means gathering around the supper table and bringing people together. Good food equates to happiness.

The Greens took over ownership of the Restaurant on September 1st, 2014. They would soon be celebrating their 6th anniversary in the old location, but instead, they’ve decided to celebrate with their grand opening at 269 S. Main Street on September 1st. When Mary Garrett reached out regarding her wanting to sell, they recognized the opportunity to continue to provide an outstanding service to the community that they love. The restaurant was called The Sea Breeze back in the late 1950s before it moved to the location where it became the Donut Hole. Eventually, the name changed from the Donut Hole to the Ponderosa. It then became Arnie’s Café and has been ever since.

What makes Arnie’s Café different from other restaurants? Crystal Green says that it’s their passion for good home cooking and excellent customer service. “We love our customers and want all who walk through our doors to feel welcome at all times.” She says that the best part of being in the restaurant business is the feeling of community it brings to their lives. She believes that owning a restaurant is a labor of love. Even during COVID, they’ve remained successful because they’ve never lost their passion and love for what they do. The Greens are committed to creating an environment where everyone in the community feels comfortable and appreciated. They support kids in as many ways as possible, whether it’s monetarily or volunteering their time. They work with local schools with their reward programs and are always looking for new ways to support the local community.

It’s the same sense of community that has allowed the restaurant’s patrons to pull together to help keep them alive and well in difficult times, like during this pandemic. Crystal Green says that she will never be able to appropriately describe the gratitude she feels for every single person that helped them and continues to help them through these crazy times.

Arnie’s is renowned for serving tasty comfort home-style food. It’s the kind of food that makes you feel like your grandma made it. They look forward to expanding their bakery selection soon. Recently they’ve added hand-dipped ice cream and espresso and bacon maple bars too. Soon, they will apply for a liquor license so they can serve delicious Bloody Marys’, Mimosas, beer, and wine. When asked about their most popular items, Crystal’s eye sparkle as she describes their decedent Chicken Fried Steak, Hobo, and Biscuits and Gravy.

Arnie’s currently has about 20 employees. Candy Pior is the front house manager, and their back of house manager is Tom Cifelli. Both have extensive experience in the industry and are an asset to the Greens.  The team is hardworking and passionate and is excited about working in the new location, which is about 1,200 – 1,500 square feet larger than the old site. The new building also has a large open space so that they can rent the place out for evening events. It’s a well thought out design that includes a bit of charm of the old building as well as some new touches. You will have to see it for yourself to truly appreciate what they’ve accomplished.

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