In the early 1990s, my husband and I applied for a small business loan with the SBA and were in a parking lot outside of a rock concert preparing to go in when our brick-style cell phone rang. My husband answered it, and it was the small business financial representative from the bank. They had approved our loan! My husband turned on the radio and the Aerosmith song, “Dream On” was playing. We sang along at the top of our lungs with giants smiles and tears of joy on our faces. Our dream had come true!

John Chapman (of Radio Clatsop) and his wife Karen are icons of the community. Photo credit: Radio Clatsop

Most of us can recall where we were and what we were doing the very first time we heard one of our favorite songs. Music evokes powerful emotion and reminds us of people we’ve loved, breakups, celebrations, good times, and bad times. In a digital age, where access to most songs is just a quick click away on our smartphone, some people may think that radio stations are no longer needed. However, there is something about that friendly voice of the DJ that puts us at ease. Those community announcements and updates aren’t something you’ll probably get over your computer or smartphone (unless you’re streaming a local station). Local radio stations are making a positive impact on the community. If you haven’t turned on the radio in a while, you’re missing out. Push that button and sing along to the soundtrack of your life.

If there’s a song you haven’t heard in many years and want to bop your head to as you’re driving down the road, you’ll probably find it on KSWB 840 Gold, or their sister station 98.1FM. The two stations recently joined forces and are now known as Radio Clatsop. The same great sound is on both radio frequencies, and they feature an upbeat collection of cool songs from the ’60s, ’70s, ’80s, and ’90s.

Radio Clatsop does a lot more than just play our favorite songs, however. They are an essential part of our coastal community and make a big difference by supporting many important program and events, including Spring Break, Car Events, Fireworks, Beach Volleyball, Hospital events, the Seaside Chamber, Seaside Downtown Associations, Relay for Life, Buddy Walk, and Seaside Parks and Recreation.

The station is so important to the community that when the owner, John Chapman, almost died a few years back, friends and neighbors united to provide critical support to his wife, five kids, and the station. It was more than mere thoughts and prayers, it was a local call to action, and people rallied from all over the region to help.

Coastal Community Radio is also a staple of our community. It is the only non-commercial, nonprofit, local public radio stations serving the coastal communities of southwest Washington and northwest Oregon. It features several stations that are all community-focused. From promoting local events to sharing local news, providing great music, story time, and a source for emergency information, its positive impact spreads like joy throughout our region. As a nonprofit, it’s supported primarily through grants, donations, and the hard work of dedicated volunteers. They want to express their gratitude for all the ongoing support over the years. “For giving voice to community: for its people, for its culture, and for events and challenges that bring us together, we are grateful for your support.”

Graham Nystrom is Station Manager for Coastal Community Radio. Photo credit: Coastal Community Radio

94.3 KRKZ prides itself on supporting the greater Lower Columbia area. The station is locally owned and is operated by the Meadows family with help from friends. The station’s entire staff lives locally and attends school ball games and sporting events. Just one look at its Facebook page, and you’ll see their concern for the community. Whether it’s helping to find volunteers for the Pacific Northwest Brew Cup or giving away a free pass to basketball camp, they obviously care for their friends and neighbors. “When you spend money with Hits 94.3 KRKZ, your money supports local people.”

Radio station like these are vital to the health of our community, and we’re proud to have them on the air. From jazz to classic rock, to top 40 and R&B, their music and voices are part of our lives. It’s a symbiotic relationship rooted in kindness, integrity, and local action. We’re grateful for their efforts in supporting a community and for all the great entertainment throughout the years.

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