ClatsopNews: Most-Read Stories in January

There is nothing like January at the beach. Our stormy weather can give us some awesome sunsets and amazing photos of the stormy sea. When it’s time to go inside and warm up, our readers enjoyed learning about local businesses that boost our economy and provide jobs, as well as one very talented artist. Read on to find out what the top three stories of January were, as well as our editor’s pick.

1. Wild Roots Makes Self-Care Accessible and Affordable

In their signature Foga class, you stretch, you hold, you roll, you breathe and you roll some more. Photo credit: Elisabeth Pietila

Elisabeth Pietila saw potential in the historic Mary and Nellie Flavel Building in Astoria, and decided it would become the home of her brainchild, Wild Roots. In our most-read story of January, writer Hannah Dankbar spoke with Elisabeth about why making self-care accessible to all is so important to her.

2. Mary Jenkins – Artist Extraordinaire

A barn by Mary Jenkins. Photo courtesy: Mary Jenkins

Writer Sandi Harrington shared the story of Mary Jenkins, a local artist from Portland who now lives in Tillamook. Mary’s talent is astonishing, so be sure to check out the gallery of her work at the end of her story.

3. Hometown Feel and Friendly Service Offered at Main St. Market in Warrenton

Kailee Kobe runs the produce department. She is for excited all the updates to the store, including offering more organic produce. Photo credit: Lisa Lamping

If you live in or near Warrenton, than you have probably visited Main St. Market. Annamaria Morrill takes us behind-the-scenes at this amazing grocery store, giving us an inside look at the people behind the business.

4. Editor’s Pick: Finn Ware Offers Piece of Finnish Design Culture

Aarikka’s wooden circular shapes can be seen in their necklaces displayed at Finn Ware in Astoria. Photo courtesy: Finn Ware

Due to my Scandinavian roots, I am probably a bit biased about this one, which is why it is this month’s editor’s pick. But if you have been, you know it’s worth the trip! Writer Katherine Johnson explores Finn Ware, giving a bit of background on some of the unique items they carry from a place many of us share ancestry.

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