U-turn U-pay 030417

U-turn U-pay  

Seaside Police Files

By Shalylyn French

If you have lived on the coast long enough, it is pretty much common knowledge that Uturns are I considered to be illegal, especially along Highway 101 in Seaside. Knowing this common law, you have most likely witnessed an out of state driver proceed to do a U-turn and shake your head in the process (because oregon drivers don’t honk their horns, right?) 

What makes a U-turn worse? When a driver is pulled over and not only arrested for a DUII but also cited for illegally making a U-turn and then not having an operators license at all.

Nicole Uriah Ferry, of Milipitas, CA was arrested for DUI and cited for both an illegal U-turn and driving without an operator’s license. Though the states may be different, the laws remain the same.

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