have been featured across the country in newspapers, blogs, websites, radio & TV stations.  He has published over 55 “COOKBOOKS FOR GUYS”.

We are delighted Flannel John will be bringing us weekly recipes that will be sure to stretch the imagination of any adventurous cook.

So how does a radio dj end up writing over 50 cookbooks? Completely by accident. In 2011 I had friends gearing up for their annual deer-hunting trip. It wasn’t so much a hunting trip as an escape from their wives and an opportunity to drink beer. Their provisions consisted of beer, bologna, beef jerky and cheese. Once that was exhausted, it was off to the diner…a fourteen-mile trip from camp. Nobody knew how to cook. So I put together some basic recipes. When I was done, I had a book well underway. Because a publisher was difficult to find, I chose to self-publish through Amazon. The first couple of weeks I sold over 100 copies and the first “cookbook for guys” was born. The “Flannel John” name was inspired by a few old hunters I met in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula and it sounded rustic. Here are a few of those recipes from that first book for the “kitchen-impaired.”


2 pounds of ground pork

¼ cup of fresh breadcrumbs

1 cup of barbecue sauce

6 burger buns

Salt and pepper (optional)

Mix ground pork with breadcrumbs and ½ cup of sauce to make six patties. Grill burgers on medium high heat, basting burgers often with remaining sauce. Takes about ten minutes to cook, five minutes per side.

Simple recipes guys can make fast because we’re lazy and we’re hungry…but women like them too. What started out as cookbooks for guys have evolved over five years as cookbooks for everyone.

Tim Murphy is the author of more than 55 cookbooks. You can see all of his titles at www.flanneljohn.com

They’re also sold at Lucy’s Books in Astoria and Beach Books in Seaside.

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