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Necanicum Noxious Weed Control

Conservation partners in Necanicum River Watershed have collaborated to tackle problematic weeds along the Necanicum River.  Noxious weed control programs have existed along the river for decades, but this year Policeman’s Helmet has become the targeted species due to its aggressive spread into streamside plant communities.  Utilizing a network of partnering agencies that will enable treatment across jurisdictional boundaries, 2017 will see a huge effort to eradicate the species within the watershed.

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Photos by King County Washington State

After a 1 year application process, a State funded Oregon Watershed Enhancement Board grant has finally been awarded to treat Policeman’s Helmet for 3 consecutive years.  Beginning in Spring 2017 conservation partners North Coast Land Conservancy, Necanicum Watershed Council and Clatsop Soil and Water Conservation District will be doing intensive outreach for plant species identification, recruitment of volunteer citizen scientists, and acquiring landowner permission to manually treat the invasive.  Treatment will involve the “pull and stomp” method which is labor and time intensive, but chemical free.  

Guided river floats, educational tours, hikes, trainings and other events will be announced Spring 2017.  For more information and to learn how to get involved visit

Photos by King County Washington State

Policeman’s Helmet

Policeman’s Helmet (impatiens glandulifera) is an annual plant that grows along rivers, streams and ditches.  Growing up to 10 feet tall, a single plant can produce up to 800 seeds that eject up to 20 feet from mature seed pods.  These seeds are then viable for at least 18 months and can germinate underwater, thus enabling quick spread and colonization of the species downstream and in flood plains.

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