PNW Fun 020817

#PNW FUN: Drawing – Enter NOW to Win! 

by Mary Nauha

“What do you do for fun?” is a common question that shopkeepers and locals hear at the coast during the long, wet winter months in Clatsop County.  Add to that, cold. Even among locals the question’s been raised, “What do you do during the long wet winter months when it’s wet and cold outside, to boot?”

Rumor has it that true pacific nor ‘westerners are impervious to the wet, cold months of winter. Not true! Truth be told, we all live for the easy, warmer months of summer no matter who you are.  Most endure the rain and the wind and occasional cold snap or two during the darkest days of winter without too much complaint, but–speaking for myself–if you put the two together, cold and wet, it’s game over. I’m curled up by the fire reading a good, long book and sipping on a strong cup of dark roast. 

We at Clatsop Current News [CCN] are here to ask: what do you do for fun in the greater pacific northwest? Is there a favorite place you travel when the weather gets you down? How does your lifestyle reflect your choices during the long, wet winter months?

CCN would love to hear from you! We’d like to spotlight your ideas here in a weekly column and if your story’s chosen, your name will be entered in a special drawing once we’ve reached our target goal: 52 stories, one to share each week for one entire year. That’s a 1:52 chance for you to win a two-night stay for yourself or someone else at Lisa’s beautiful, award-winning Airbnb in Warrenton, Oregon–that’s a $200 value!  We’re going to make it very easy. All you need to do is submit the details (below) via email to with PNW FUN included in the subject line. 

Can’t decide on just one thing? That’s okay! Enter as many ideas as you would like. Just submit your best ideas via separate emails to and include the subject line #PNW for a chance to win big.  For each idea, we choose, a separate story will be published and your name will be entered in our drawing. There is no limit, multiple entries will be accepted for evaluation. 

Necessary points to be included: your name and best contact information via email/phone/text, distance from where you live, price range rounded up to the nearest $100, best time of year to go, preferred length of stay, best route you’d take to get there, best form of transportation, your favorite place to stay (if applicable), what and where to eat or what to do once you get there, how to get the best pricing, and what else you like to do along the way. 

We want to hear it all, but don’t waste any time. Just send us all the details as well as any links or websites to include, and we will write your story! We hope to hear from people of all ages, in all forms of physical condition (we mentioned ‘sordid’ details), at all levels of income and in all seasons of life here in the weeks and months to come. 

Remember, the more entries you make the better chance you have  to win. We’d love to hear from you!

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