Warrenton and Hammond, Oregon

Oregon pioneer D.K. Warren was one of Clatsop County’s founding fathers. A prolific businessman and politician, Warren is best known for residing in a Victorian style home in a trading area that now serves as his namesake, the city of Warrenton.

Historically, Warrenton was a hub for D.K.’s many industries that included water lines, timber routes, a school system and a real estate boom. According to tradition, Warren’s estate even served as the first lighthouse in the community. A small lamp in the window served as a key marker for passing boats along the mouth of the Columbia.

Much like the Flavel family of Astoria, D.K. Warren served as the hallmark of local innovation as well as a last residing beacon to mark the end of an era, an age of pioneers. It’s historic businessmen like Warren that civilized the woods into the commercial community that future generations enjoy today in Warrenton. What began as a pioneering settlement in 1848, Warrenton is now home to over 5,000 people.

As true today, Warrenton continued to be a pioneer in economic development and human resources. The first female mayor of Oregon was elected in Warrenton in 1913, a full seven years before American women would even be granted the right to vote on a national level.

Today, Warrenton serves as the hub of the county with large shopping areas, a strong fishing fleet and bountiful military history and the crown jewel of the Oregon State Parks, Fort Stevens State Park where you can find the famous wreck of the Peter Iredale ship.  Warrenton is a great place to visit!


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