Astoria, Oregon

The seat of Clatsop County, Astoria is a historic port city positioned near the mouth of the great Columbia River. It carries the honor of being the first permanent settlement of the Pacific Coastline recognized by the American government as well as being a forerunner for the first U.S. post office situated west of the Rocky Mountains. For over 100 years, Astoria has served as a port of entry and continues to remain a trading center for the lower Columbia basin.

Astoria has been famous for its international background. The area attracted a host of immigrants at the end of 19th century, including Scandinavian settlers, namely, the Finns. Chinese immigrants also became an integral part of the population, finding work in the canneries and completing the construction of key dikes that much of Astoria was built upon.

Today, nearly 10,000 people call the multicultural city of Astoria their home. Tourism, Astoria’s growing art scene that extends into craft breweries, and various manufacturing all serve as the primary economic developments within the city limits. Of special note, Astoria serves as a port of call for cruise ships from all over the world.

While Astoria’s foundational logging and fishing industries are merely small reflections of their former glory, the pioneering spirit lives on through artistic influence and culture. From 1998, fishermen from Alaska and the Pacific Northwest have made an annual pilgrimage to Astoria for the Fisher Poets Gathering. It’s an event of poets and singers telling tales to honor the fishing industry and lifestyle, from yesteryear to today.

Astoria has the unique distinction of being “the oldest city west of the Rockies.  Filled with historical character and a spectacular view of the Columbia river as it flows towards the Pacific Ocean, Astoria is such a unique experience.  Microbreweries, eateries, and museums can be found in abundance.  Walk the River walk, ride the trolley, or climb the Astoria Column.  You will not be disappointed as you adventure through this historic place.  Be sure to bring your camera!


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