New Owner to Take the Reins at Third Dimension in Warrenton

Cheryl Matson, to retire after 42 yr career as employee and owner of the Third Dimensions hair salon in Warrenton.

When Cheryl Matson started as a hairstylist in 1980 with Third Dimension, she had no idea it would be a 42-year career. In those early days of the eruption of Mt. St. Helens, they had to wear masks to keep the ash out of their lungs. How serendipitous that as she hands over the reins to one of her long-time stylists, they’ve once again had to wear masks, but this time it’s because of a pandemic. We never know what life will bring us, but it seems change is the one constant, and Cheryl Matson is looking forward to the change and finally retiring.

Ms. Matson quickly climbed the corporate ladder at Third Dimension and was promoted to Area Supervisor. In that role, she traveled extensively, but in 1991 they offered her a franchise opportunity, and she jumped at the chance. It hasn’t always been easy, especially over the last couple of years of dealing with Covid.

New Owner of Third Dimensions salon, Stephanie Carlson

There have been many sleepless nights and challenges, from staff shortages to health compliance. Still, Cheryl and her team, including Stephanie Carlson (the new owner), kept a positive attitude, even when only doing half the number of haircuts they did pre-pandemic. When Cheryl approached Stephanie Carlson, both parties saw a win-win opportunity. Stephanie has the chance to make her entrepreneurial dreams a reality, and Cheryl can finally stop working so hard and enjoy her new camper van.

It’s a beautiful arrangement because the salon will stay at its current location at 133 S Highway 101, in the same plaza as Natural Grocers and Ross Dress For Less. The community will still get to enjoy their favorite hair salon and stylists and continue to be able to go shopping if they ever have to wait for a bit before their haircut. It’s one of the many things that sets Third Dimension apart from other hair salons. They can accommodate walk-ins, especially men that often forget to make an appointment ahead of time. The stylists always do their best to get them in and send them out the door with an excellent new cut and style.

Stephanie and Cheryl at Third Dimensions Salon

Stephanie started at Third Dimension as a receptionist for her first five years. Then, she went to beauty school in Longview. She’s been working with Cheryl side-by-side as a stylist since 2015. To Stephanie, it feels like a family. She says, “Everyone is so understanding and helpful. If I have to go pick up the kids or something, They pitch in and help. It’s been a great environment for raising my children.” After all these years, she’s excited about making the salon her own with some modern touches and a little facelift.

What is Cheryl’s advice for Stephanie? “If you take care of the salon, it will take care of you.” It’s a reminder that sometimes it takes a village or a community to bring about success, and the greater Astoria Warrenton community wishes Stephanie and Cheryl all the best!!

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