Chuck Bergerson and his family have been building things for 60 years. Most 84-year-old men are sitting back in their recliners while watching their favorite programs on TV, but not Chuck. He’s the patriarch of the business, and he’s still out there working every day, driving nails, and sporting a tool belt. Now they’ve started a new company, Bergerson Cabin Co. in Hammond, and they’re currently building their second tiny home.

Bergerson and his wife Charlotte have been married for over 60 years. She’s helping with the design aspects, and many of their five kids, 17 grandchildren, and 40 great-grandchildren are also involved. Four of their five children live locally, and they hope that the kids will keep the company going and growing long after their gone. I asked him why they chose to build tiny homes. “I enjoy it. It’s fun,” he said. I guess it really is as simple as that. Do what you love, and it never feels like work, especially when you’re surrounded by people you love. It’s probably that kind of attitude that makes Chuck so spry. 

A Bergerson cabin comes with lots of great features, such as a porch.
Photo credit: Lisa Lamping

Bergerson Cabin Co. is committed to using only local trades. They are built mainly by the Bergerson family with help from local tradesmen. Bergerson says it’s the quality that makes them stand out from other builders. They are built with love from local plumbers, electricians, HVAC professionals, and more. Chuck said they work only with people they trust and have been working with for decades. They guarantee their cabins for one year, and if that means they have to go the extra mile to keep their customers happy, so be it.

Chuck was born and raised in Warrenton. After graduating from Warrenton High School, he began working at an Astoria fish plant. Eventually, he and his boss became business partners building wooden fish boxes for the local fishing industry. Before long, they were constructing other wood products. Things change, and over time the business evolved into a high-end window business known as Bergerson Cedar Windows Inc. Not long ago, he closed his window company to launch Bergerson Cabin Co.

A 288 square foot cabin can be quite comfortable if designed right.
Photo credit: Lisa Lamping

Tiny homes are a popular new trend. They can be used as an auxiliary dwelling, guest cabin, a rental, mother-in-law quarters, hobby area, or as a full-time residence for people wanting to downsize and simplify their lifestyle. At a starting price of $77,800 for a Bergerson cabin, only about a quarter of the average sales price of a home in the area, it’s an outstanding value. A lot of people are wanting to reduce debt and minimize their assets, and tiny houses are a perfect way to do that. In fact, tiny homes have almost a cult-like fan base. See one for yourself, and you’ll understand why.

Chuck Bergerson shows off some of the design features of one of their tiny homes.
Photo credit: Lisa Lamping

A Bergerson tiny cabin is 288 sq. ft. You can customize it in many different ways, and choose your finishes, just like when you build a new house. Choose from carpet or laminate floors, and select your cabinets and paint color. The cabins are not temporary dwellings. They are designed to stay in place and should not be considered mobile units.

Right now, the Bergersons are building about one unit a month, and Chuck thinks they will be up to two per month pretty soon. He doesn’t have any big aspirations for getting much larger than that. He wants to focus on quality and building an excellent reputation. Chuck is excited about the tiny home industry and says there is a real need for this type of alternative housing.

The attention to detail at Bergerson Cabin Co. is obvious both inside and out.
Photo credit: Lisa Lamping

If a tiny home sounds like something that might fit your lifestyle, consider placing an order with Bergerson Cabin Co. They will customize it to suit your needs, and you’ll probably be surprised with what you can fit inside of a 12 foot by 24 foot home. Just think, it won’t take near as long to clean it and the utility bills will also be much less than a standard-sized house. Tiny homes have lots of benefits, and the Bergersons will be happy to tell you all about it. You can learn more about Bergerson Cabin Co. on its Facebook page.

Bergerson Cabin Co. just launched in Hammond, OR.
Photo credit: Lisa Lamping
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