Nothing makes you feel entirely as free and liberated as dancing. Whether it’s organized or free-flowing and spontaneous, dance has a way of refreshing our spirit and bringing joy to our lives. These are some fantastic ways to participate in dance, as well as places to enjoy dance performances in the area. We hope you’ll dance like no one is watching, with joy in your heart and a natural lift in your steps.

Dancing makes you feel wonderful and free. Photo credit: Scott Broome via Unsplash

The Astoria Arts and Movement Center

The Astoria Arts and Movement Center is a non-profit founded in January of 2011 as a result of a recognized need for more culturally diverse dance, performing arts, and physical education. The AAMC offers a range of fun classes, workshops, and events on everything from belly dancing to ecstatic dance, contemporary modern dance, tango, swing, and many more. The center extends an invitation to join in the fun to “every age, ability, gender, culture, ethnicity, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, economic class, and interest.” Students range in ages from 6 to 71 and are from a variety of backgrounds.

The Dukes of Swing

Belly dancing is just one of many styles of dance taught at the Astoria Arts and Movement Center. Photo credit: Vitor Pinto via Unsplash

The “Dukes of Swing” is the official stage band of the Elks Lodge #593 in Aberdeen, Washington. They first played at lodge functions during the late 1940?s and have been going strong ever since. Their first dance of this year is September 26th at the Aberdeen Elks Lodge from 7 to 9:00 PM, and is for all ages. It’s a free event and open to the public, so put on your dancing shoes and join in the fun!

Astor Street Opry

If you enjoy an excellent musical, there are many community theater groups ready to entertain you with song and dance! Head over to Astor Street Opry Company to catch the 35th season of Shanghaied in Astoria! The production goes through September 14th at the Astor Street Opry Company Playhouse located at 129 W. Bond Street in Astoria. Performances run Thursday-Saturdays at 7 PM, and an occasional 2 PM Sunday matinee. The “original historical, hysterical, musical melodrama is a family-friendly show and gives you the chance to interact with the characters.” The audience can Boo, cheer, hiss, jeer, and even throw popcorn, which is available at the soda fountain. It’s fun for the whole family!

The Liberty Theater Astoria

Aside from its famous chandelier, The Liberty Theater in Astoria is also known for providing outstanding regular musical entertainment to the local community.  Known for being a bit spooky, the theater features Bloodyvox by BodyVox on Saturday, October 19th. Enjoy the artistic stylings of a group of talented dancers, then add a bit of Hitchcock, a smidge of Vampire, and top it off with some freakie zombies and you’ll be delighted with a dance theater experience that you’ll never forget. The fantastically creepy show will thrill the entire family and costumes are encouraged.


Do you wish you could dance? Have you always wanted to learn to Salsa dance or line dance? It’s never too late! AccessDance in Cannon Beach provides dance lessons to all ages. With instructors of different personalities and backgrounds, you’re bound to find the perfect dance teacher that will help you move rhythmically across the dance floor of life.”

The Peninsula Association of the Performing Arts

Watching dance performances is always fun. Photo credit: Dima Pechurin via Unsplash

With past productions like Mary Poppins, Fiddler on the Roof, and The Wizard of Oz, PAPA, on the Long Beach Peninsula is dedicated to providing family-friendly theatrical productions for the entertainment and cultural development of the local community. Dancing is often an essential part of the production. Visit the website for a schedule of upcoming shows.

Twisted Fish

If dancing to the rhythm of your own drum is more your style and you’re aren’t one for choreographed moves, than Saturday nights at the Twisted Fish might be a great place to go kick up your heels. Beginning at 10 PM every Saturday night at the Twisted Fish, it’s time to shake a leg and get your groove on at live shows with DJ Sugar.

No one can dance with a frown on their face. It might be physically impossible! Dancing makes you feel alive and joyful! So put your dancing shoes on and head out for a night of dance theater, dance lessons, or freestyle movement.

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