Christina Keeran has worked at Third Dimension Salon in Warrenton for nearly 10 years. When she started, she never imagined that someday her colleagues would be instrumental in helping to save her life, both physically and financially.

In April 2019 the entire team was at a hair show in Bellevue when she started to feel terribly ill! It didn’t take long for EMTs to realize her situation was life-threatening, so they Life-Lighted her to OHSU in Portland. There, she spent over a week in intensive care. Due to her diagnosis of Crohn’s Disease, she had to have immediate surgery to remove 8 inches of her small intestine. Fortunately, she survived and eventually made a full recovery, but Crohn’s Disease is not curable, only manageable.

Christina Keeran was life-lighted to OHSU where she fought for her life. Photo credit: Christina Keeran

At the time of the incident, Christina was newly engaged. Feeling down in the dumps about her diagnosis, illness, and facing the possible delay of her wedding, her colleagues rallied to her rescue. Imagine her surprise when they offered to do a fundraiser on her behalf and give “free haircuts” for a donation for her medical bills!

Slowly Christina began to feel better, but it was a long slow recovery back to full health. She had to have her wedding dress resized four times! Eventually, her wedding day came, and there wasn’t a dry eye in the audience as she walked down the aisle. It was nothing short of a miraculous recovery!

Christina Keeran lived to walk down the aisle on her wedding day. Photo credit: Christina Keeran

Now in full health, Christina will be traveling to New York City the day after Thanksgiving to represent Third Dimensions and take some classes on advanced hair color. Christina and the rest of the team want to thank the community for their support and donations. It made a big difference to Third Dimension’s come-back-kid! Follow the salon on Facebook and schedule a haircut today!

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