The Human Bean Sponsors Warrenton High School Grad Party

The Human Bean Sponsors Warrenton High School Grad Party

The folks at the favorite coffee shop, the Human Bean, are committed to giving back to the community. They don’t just talk the talk but walk the walk. Alissa Trotter, the owner of the Warrenton Human Bean franchise, smiles as she talks about her recent contributions to the community. She tends to look for projects that support youth and women empowerment because they are issues close to her heart.

Alissa enthusiastically volunteered her time at the Seaside Highschool Graduation party. She also sponsored the Warrenton Highschool graduation party by handing out tons of free Rock Star Energy drinks to the new grads. People often forget that you can get a lot more than coffee at the Human Bean drive through, across from Costco. Customers can get smoothies and energy drinks as well. At the Warrenton High School graduation party they handed out a few fun new flavors of Rock Star, including Cotton Candy and Ocean Water.

The grads were practicing their graduation ceremony, and those ceremonies tend to get a bit lengthy, so Human Bean helped to keep them happy and energized by giving out free Rock Star drinks. The young adult’s faces lit up with a genuine appreciation for the support, and the community benefits from the involvement of company’s like Human Bean that specifically find ways to give back to the area they love.

Human Bean also recently held a fundraiser for the Warrenton Community Library after one of her customers suggested they get involved.  On Friday, May 31st, $1.00 from every frozen drink sold went towards support to the library’s summer reading program. They also gathered cash donations. In all, they raised $210 for the program and helped purchase a bunch of new tables and chairs.

Thank you to Alissa and her team for their hard work and contributions to our coastal community! Show your support by following them on Facebook or Instagram.

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