Aerial Drone Photo of Pioneer Presbyterian Chruch by Lamping Photography

Volunteers near and far come for the annual creation of the daffodil Cross which is located at the Pioneer Presbyterian Church on Clatsop Plains in Warrenton.

Volunteers build the Daffodil Easter Cross

Volunteer Kimberly Kaul, photographed some of them hard at work this past week.

According to one of the main organizers Cheryl Gramson, “It started when there were bulb farms on the plains. When the flowers bloomed, they cut the blooms off because they believed it made the bulbs stronger.

One of the church members got the idea of using the blossoms, which were just being thrown away, to make a cross on the church lawn.

The finished results

The original crosses were much larger because there were a lot of blooms available. Today, we grow our own on the church property, but they have not been growing well. We planted 2500 bulbs last year, and are going to plant the same number this fall. Some of the planting we have done in the last few years are not producing any blossoms at all! ”

She also asks that for future cross displays they could use daffodil donations… and anyone who wants to be involved in bulb planting this fall can call the Pioneer Presbyterian Church office and leave a message for Cheryl Gramson.

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Photos by Kimberly Kaul


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