Local Owner, Cheryl Christy Matson, Shares her Story on How Third Dimension Salon Began !

Pictured are the girls who perform the magic at Third Dimensions ! Photo by Lamping Photography
What started as a high school beauty program has turned into the dream of a lifetime for Cheryl Christy Matson, an eastern Washington native who has called the Oregon coast home full-time since 1999.

Matson is the owner of Warrenton Third Dimension Salon, and takes pride in providing clients with a “big city salon experience” combined with a small-town, friends-and-family atmosphere.

Owner Cheryl Christy Matson, books a client for a haircut. Photo by Lamping Photography
Third Dimension was a northwest franchise for many years, with locations throughout Oregon and Washington.  A licensed hairstylist, Matson worked for 13 years in the corporate division of Third Dimension before deciding to become an owner within the franchise in 1991.  Today, the franchise no longer exists and there are only two independently owned Third Dimension salons– Matson proudly owns one of them.
Many locals may remember the original location of the salon, housed inside Warrenton Fred Meyer, but Matson and her staff of stylists have inhabited the popular space in Youngs Bay Plaza since 1999.
According to Matson, what she loves about hairstyling and what she loves about the philosophy of Third Dimension go hand-in-hand. Matson and her staff of eight stylists pride themselves on providing excellent customer service, as well as continuing their education on the ever-evolving trends within the beauty industry.  Matson also loves the close-knit, community element that her salon provides.  “We have kids we’ve watched turn into adults who still come back to see us.  They’ve grown up with the salon.  It’s what separates us from big chain salons.”
Third Dimension logo
A unique aspect of Third Dimension is their flexible scheduling.  “Our clients love the flexibility of our scheduling process.  We have a full-time receptionist to respond to their needs, and they can choose to walk-in without an appointment, or can also make an appointment if that suits their needs better.  It’s completely their choice, and we can accommodate it both ways.”
Unlike many salons, which operate only five days a week, Third Dimension is open seven days a week, from nine to seven Monday through Friday, nine to six on Saturday, and 12 to five on Sunday.  “Sundays are one of our most popular days,” says Matson, and “people appreciate that we open a little later in the day, so they can go to church or have family time, but still be able to come in for salon services.”
Matson is also incredibly proud of her staff, and unlike many salons that require stylists to be independent contractors, all of her stylists are employees.  This means Matson is able to provide extra benefits that many stylists don’t receive, such as paid holidays and vacation and personal days.
Her staff is certainly busy– seeing 340 to 375 clients a week– and they offer a comprehensive menu of services for men, women, and kids.  Services offered include haircuts and styles, chemical services such as perms, and all manner of hair color options, including advanced and trendy techniques.
Third Dimension offers a large variety of hair care products.
“We guarantee all of our work.  You’re going to love your hair, and we are going to make sure you’re happy.  That’s the way we do business.”
After nearly 30 years of successful business ownership, Matson says, “We are here to stay!”
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