Columbia River Maritime Museum Education Park and Pond Project Begins


CRMM’s long-awaited project to unify the Museum campus, expand CRMM educational programs, beautify the area to include opening river views to the community, showcase the Barbey Maritime Center (historic railroad depot), and landscape the eastern gateway to the campus – has been a goal of the Museum’s Board of Trustees for many years. Big River Construction began demolition this week on the building which until recently housed North Coast Auto. Demolition should be complete by early next week. As soon as demo is complete, a final site review will determine grading, as well as exact location of the pond, sidewalks and small building which will house the pond mechanicals, BMC storage and model kiosk.

When complete, the property will be transformed into an educational park with model boat pond as its centerpiece. Removal of the NCA building will open the viewscape for the public to enjoy views of both the historic train depot, and the Columbia River. The park will be open to the public and the Museum is proud to be able to provide the City with an enhanced viewscape and recreation area.

The project is consistent with the goals of the City of Astoria’s Riverfront Vision Plan, Civic Greenway area:
• Complement the Riverwalk with plantings that frame the views.
• Connect Astoria’s recreation components to the riverfront by including open space areas adjacent to the river’s edge to link to residential neighborhoods, parks and schools.
• Incorporate open space and natural areas as a component of the riverfront.
• Provide a riverfront park or open space as a focal point on the river to unite the civic elements of the museum, River Trail, and train station.
• Consider the sensitivity of the river’s edge with ecologically appropriate plant communities

Republished by permission of
Columbia River Maritime Museum

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