Check-ups Aren’t Just for Doctors

Insurance may not be your favorite subject for conversation, but Marcy Harper at State Farm Insurance can change that. She got into the business more than 30 years ago after personal experiences led her to understand the value of being adequately covered. Today, her mission is to ensure that all of her customers understand the value too. She is spreading the word that an “insurance check-up” is the most important step in the process.

“People who have not experienced claims may not be aware of the significance of having insurance limits that keep up with the times,” Marcy explains. Waiting until something happens and needing insurance, or seeing a friend or relative file a claim may be too late. “We try to call clients every year or two to sit down and review their policies and needs.”

An insurance check-up is a short meeting with Marcy or one of her associates in which they review your current policies and make recommendations for changes, additions, or even reductions. “Combining Auto or Homeowners insurance with other lines could reduce premiums up to 40%.” she notes. Some of these policies may be a Personal Liability Umbrella, a  Personal Articles Policy, Life Insurance, Medicare Supplements, Disability and other Health policies.

Another reason to make changes is when life changes. When this happens your insurance needs change too. With anything from moving to marriage,  a child leaving for college or a death; these milestones may necessitate altering your coverage.

When considering how much coverage is enough, Marcy and her team ask, “What do you have that you need to protect?” Your house, auto or your income? No matter what your answer, people are always on the short list. Life and Disability Insurance can be purchased to protect our most important asset, ourselves and our family. Purchasing Life insurance is less expensive when you are young and healthy, yet this is when people are less likely to consider it.  “Sometimes people don’t like to talk about it,” Marcy says, but early purchase is an important decision because you will never be any younger than you are today.

Marcy moved to Seaside in 1979 and began working in Accounting. One of her clients, Roger Truax, was a Seaside State Farm agent. He came to her to ask if she would be interested in a career with State Farm. He thought she would be a great fit, so she accepted the job in Warrenton. After schooling, state exams, and two years of training, Marcy became a top agent in the area. “The first few months were tough, then I was on top,” she recalls.

Marcy opened her business with great employees and together they built a customer base. “They  called everybody in the phone book,” she laughs. And they did not take ‘no’ for an answer, they made hundreds of cold calls, assisting Marcy in getting Warrenton residents to understand the value of State Farm Insurance.

Today, Marcy has three employees helping her meet the needs of her clients, including performing ‘insurance check-ups. Gabby De Anda has been with her for twelve years, starting as a high school intern. Later her brother, Carlos De Anda came to work for the company. David Griffith is the newest member of the team. Marcy has had several long term employees that have helped her company thrive.

Everyone at the business is there to help, and check up on your policies. Oregonians and Washingtonians can feel comfortable putting their needs in the hands of State Farm with Marcy Harper at the helm.



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