It’s that time of year – fireworks! We all feel like little kids again when we here the first whistle and pop. Here are the shows, parades and activities happening to celebrate the Fourth of July in Cannon Beach 2018.

July 4, 2018

Clatsop County fourth of July
Tufted Puffins are protected at Haystack Rock, spread awareness by attending the Great Puffin Watch on July 4.
Photo credit: Haystack Rock Awareness Program

If you prefer a laid-back fourth, Cannon Beach festivities are perfect. The Cannon Beach Parade starts around 11:00 a.m. with candy and dog treats for parade-goers. Spiff up your look by stopping by the American Legion first to get festive face paint and hats to cheer on the floats. Head back to the Legion after the parade for hot dogs.

Cannon Beach is well known for its National Wildlife Refuge. Haystack Rock is a protected area for birds and marine life, hosting colorful creatures and growing chicks. It’s a great place to visit any day to learn about these inhabitants, but especially on July 4. Haystack Rock Awareness Program hosts the Great Cannon Beach Puffin Watch, where guides are available with telescopes and binoculars to point out these vibrant seabirds to visitors. 

If you’re interested in fireworks this fourth, visit Astoria or Seaside, as this event replaces a fireworks display in Cannon Beach.

American Legion- 1216 S Hemlock, Cannon Beach

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