Beaches and coastal towns along the North Oregon Coast are popular weekend and summer destinations for their iconic views, mild climate and opportunities for recreational activities. One of these activities that has become popular in the area is kite flying. Flying a kite on the Oregon coast is simply iconic. If you are at a beach and don’t see a kite in the air, then it’s probably raining too hard for most people to be out flying a kite. In the summer, the sky along the beaches becomes full of many different types of kites. Some kites float lazily in the sky, while others race around as if in a competition with each other.

Clatsop County Kite Flying Seaside West Coast Kites
West Coast Kites in Seaside offers factory direct pricing on kites, tails and even wind decor. Photo courtesy: West Coast Kites

If you find yourself on the North Coast without a kite or in need or kite repairs, you can stop at West Coast Kites in Seaside or Once Upon A Breeze in Cannon Beach to pick up supplies on your way out to the beach. It may be worth stopping by these stores just to see the variety of kites they carry. If you want to learn more about kites, a short drive up to the World Kite Museum in Long Beach, Washington is a great way to spend those days that aren’t kite weather. They host an International Kite Festival every August.

Once you get your kite packed up, it’s time to find the perfect place to fly it. While any beach will work, the beaches below provide a great spot for kite flying as well as easy access trails, restaurants and other attractions along the North Oregon Coast in Clatsop County.

Fort Stevens State Park

Clatsop County Kite Flying West Coast Kites Seaside
Tails and string can break, you may even lose your kite, it happens. But you can always stop by West Coast Kites in Seaside to get fixed up and back to the sands in no time. Photo courtesy: West Coast Kites

Fort Stevens is one of Oregon’s most popular state parks. The park provides easy access to a long expanse of beach, so you can fly your kite near the iconic Peter Iredale Shipwreck or wander down the beach to have more room for you and kite. The park also has campgrounds, historic structures and trails to complete your day. Astoria and Warrenton are nearby if you need to run into town for anything.


The beach at the end of the Promenade in Seaside is wide and has a lot of space to accommodate kites. During the summer months, this beach is full of active kite flyers. You can walk down the beach away from the Promenade to get more room to yourself. This beach can get crowded, but the City of Seaside offers a lot of restaurants and attractions to explore after your time at the beach. If the wind dies down, consider visiting the Seaside Aquarium or checking out the local businesses along Broadway.

Hug Point State Park

Located about five miles south of Cannon Beach, Hug Point State Park has a smaller beach that can disappear during high tide, so beware of tide schedules when you go out exploring. The scenery makes this stop worthwhile. At this park you can find a waterfall, tide pools, and caves carved into sandstone cliffs. A constant breeze will keep your kite in the air.

Clatsop County Kite Flying Once Upon A Breeze
Stop by Once Upon A Breeze before you hit the beach in Seaside to pick up anything kite-related you may need. Photo courtesy: Once A Upon A Breeze

Tolovana State Park

Tolovana State Park is another one of Oregon’s most popular state parks. Just south of downtown Cannon Beach, Tolovana State Park has a wide beach that is great for all sorts of recreation activities, along with views of Haystack Rock. At low-tide you can take a break from kite flying and check out the tide pools around the iconic rock. The City of Cannon Beach offers a variety of restaurants and shops. Ecola Creek State Park is also nearby and offers trails and great views.

Sunset Beach

Sunset Beach State Park marks the west trailhead of the Fort-to-Sea Trail. It is a large beach that has plenty of room to run around and learn new tricks with your kite. Besides being a popular rest spot with hikers and for beach bonfires, this beach is large and has a constant breeze, perfect for flying kites. You can enjoy views of Ecola State Park and Cape Disappointment.

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