Baby Danielle Faith Wing Starts Life Out in the Fast Lane

Nothing better than having a story to tell about your life for the rest of your life. That is exactly what happened to little Danielle Faith Wing. If her entrance into the world is any indication of her future, I encourage her parents to buckle up and enjoy the ride.

On March 4 at around 11:00 a.m., Dan and Julie Wing, who were expecting a baby, realized that Julie was in labor.  So as is the norm, they gathered up their things and headed to Seaside Providence for a what should have been routine delivery.

The paramedics arrived to make sure everything was fine with Julie and Danielle Wing.

What should have been their first sign that none of this was going to be routine, was the fact that Seaside Providence transferred them to Columbia Memorial Hospital (CMH) as they had become short staffed due to an emergency.

Once at CMH, although contractions were 3-5 minutes apart, there was no change in dilation, so the hospital recommended they go home and come back later as things began to progress. Dan was hesitant to drive all the way back to their home in Seaside, so instead opted to book a room at the Comfort Suites hotel in Astoria close to the hospital.

They checked in, and because Julie’s pain was increasing, Dan decided to call his mother-in-law to come to the hotel.  Just after her mother arrived, Julie, who had been having stronger contractions, started to perspire and needed a damp cloth to cool her off.

Danielle Faith Wing was born March 4.

“I turned to get a cool washcloth to put on Julie’s head and just as I turned back Julie began to push and the baby’s head was crowning,” Dan said. “Her mother and now Grandma, Clydene Paul, jumped in and delivered the baby while I called 911. As soon as the medical personnel arrived, they determined that although the umbilical cord had been wrapped twice around Danielle’s neck, she was in perfect health. Following their assessment of Danielle’s condition, they allowed Grandma Clydene to cut the umbilical cord.”

So welcome to the world, Danielle Faith Wing. Born 7:51 p.m., March 4, 2018, weighing six pounds, one ounce.

This girl will no doubt have a great story to tell for many, many years. Let’s hope for her parents’ sake, life is a little more routine.

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