Local Astoria Veteran Needs Our Help

Mitch Mayhue and Dog Buddy
Veteran Mitch Mayhue and his best friend Buddy are now unable to move around town until they can get a new scooter. Photo credit: Lisa Lamping

Local resident Mitch Mayhue, has served his country and his citizens in one capacity or another over the course of his life.  Now he needs the help of the community he lives in.

Mitch Mayhue, served in the Marines and was a police officer in Los Angeles. The many years of physical challenges he faced have left his body in pretty bad shape. With a few surgeries behind him, he has been left with very limited mobility. “Struggling to get anyplace is a challenge,” says Mitch.

Two and a half years ago, Mitch was able to raise money to buy a used scooter to help him with his mobility, but that scooter has since become unrepairable, again leaving Mitch with the inability to move freely.

Mitch and his best friend, constant companion and service dog, Buddy, try to get out in the community as much as possible via the scooter. But those days seem unlikely without a new scooter.

The used scooter he was able to purchase with the help of the community, was purchased as Mitch says, “with love” and not a government handout. “That means a lot to me when the community I live in cares enough to help me out,” he adds.

In the past he explained that normally you would ask the Veterans Association to help you get a scooter, but according to Mitch, “The scooters they offer are not able to get me around in the hillsides where I live, and I am unable to drive a car because of seizures as a result of 10 concussions I have suffered over the years.”

The donations he receives will allow him to buy a new EW42 Scooter that will be big enough to get him around on the hillside area near the apartments he lives in and he will get more than two and a half years life out of it.

Anyone interested in donating can do so here.

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