Share Your Love (of Tools) with the North Coast Land Conservancy

organize tools
Melissa Reich stands in the tool shed at North Coast Land Conservancy’s Circle Creek Conservation Center. Photo courtesy: North Coast Land Conservancy

Submitted by North Coast Land Conservancy

The little shed at Circle Creek Conservation Center in Seaside is full of tools that North Coast Land Conservancy staff and volunteers use all year long, as well as tools leftover from the property’s farming days that have not been touched for a decade or more. Skilled and unskilled volunteers are invited to join the staff for an indoor stewardship day on Wednesday, Feb. 14, from 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. to give the NCLC tool collection some TLC.

The tool shed holds a wide variety of tools, including some the land trust inherited when it bought the property in 2004. Staff could use some help sorting and identifying the tools in the shed so they know which ones to keep, which need repair, and which aren’t needed at all. Some tools such as hazel hoes, pulaskis, and loppers need to be sharpened and oiled. Others could use some minor repairs. Volunteers who are familiar with farm equipment and power tools are especially welcome, to help staff understand what they have and potentially to help with minor repairs. Unskilled volunteers can help by sorting, organizing, cleaning, and sharpening.

Please email Stewardship Director Melissa Reich at with questions or to let her know you’re coming. Circle Creek Conservation Center is at the end of Rippet Road in Seaside. Look for the Rippet Road sign on the west side of US 101, 0.7 mile north of the junction with US 26. Follow the road west and north a short distance, passing a gravel quarry on your left, to where the road ends between two barns.

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