Elevate Cupcakes & Decor Lifts Party Experience to New Heights

Latosha Cherry has not yet advertised her new baking business, Elevate Cupcakes & Decor, when orders have started to come in. There is always a market for sweet treats, especially when they are created with passion.

“My focus is to combine great tasting desserts that also look appealing. I have always loved seeing people smile when offering them baked goods. They seem to enjoy it more when they know it is all made from scratch,” Cherry says. She is very particular that all her treats are made with the best, most fresh ingredients.

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Latosha Cherry, the owner of Elevate Cupcakes & Decor, wants to share joy with delicious treats and festive party settings. She also offers some specialties from her hometown Chicago. Photo courtesy: Latosha Cherry

The word “elevate” means to raise something higher, to exalt and to uplift. When it comes to Elevate Cupcakes, it means much more than a delicious topping on a traditional cupcake. Cherry wants to bring a whole experience to her customers, including various treats and party settings with desired themes and colors. She offers backgrounds that could be rented for events, such as birthday parties, bridal parties, weddings, baby showers, retirement parties and various business gatherings.

Cherry has enjoyed baking since she was a little girl. When she was 12 years old, she won a baking contest with her German chocolate cake. “I recall helping my Aunt Ruth in the kitchen while she was baking. She taught me some tips on how to keep cakes moist and the icing smooth,” Cherry says. She is now using those same tips to make her own delicious desserts. One of her secrets is to use real ingredients and decorative melted candy topping.

Elevate Cupcakes & Decor brings the Northwest some specialties from Cherry’s hometown of Chicago. One of them is “Taffy Apple Grapes” — green grapes that are topped with chocolate and sprinkled with nuts. These small treats make a wonderful, lighter option for many types of events. Cherry’s own specialty is her banana budding with a hint of vanilla flavor and some cookie pieces hidden inside. These all can be ordered in individual cups or served to a bigger group of people.

From Chicago to Seaside

Cherry grew up in the rough, inner city of a Chicago neighborhood. She had caring parents who provided her a good home and education in a private school until eighth grade. She was always motivated to give her best and graduated as valedictorian from Lindblom Math and Science Academy. Cherry continued her studies at Xavier University in Louisiana, majoring in pharmacy. She received a doctorate degree (PharmD) in 1995.

astoria cupcakes
Banana pudding with a hint of vanilla, and cookie pieces hidden inside, is one of Elevate Cupcakes & Decor specialties. Photo courtesy: Latosha Cherry

A true city girl who has lived most of her life on the South Side of Chicago, Cherry is now adjusting to quite a different and slower pace of coastal living in Seaside. She moved because she wanted to be closer to her boyfriend, Dr. Robert James, who proposed in August after many years of dating. He had moved from Chicago earlier and opened chiropractic offices in the Warrenton and Portland areas. While building her own business, Cherry has been helping him with scheduling appointments and other tasks.

Her successful, 22-year career as a pharmacist was put on hold when she made the move to Oregon. This gave Cherry a new opportunity to pursue her dreams of starting her own bakery and party business.

“Being a pharmacist is a very precise job, which I enjoy, but bringing my ideas to life is my passion. I have always been crafty, and I love birthdays and celebrations. Decorations, glitter, bling and themed parties with tasteful color coordination make me smile,” Cherry says.

Cherry’s two children, son Jhaylen, 19, and daughter Jhorden, 13, have always enjoyed very elaborate celebrations. It has been very important for Cherry to be able to provide that experience for them.

astoria cupcakes
Cupcakes are available in various flavors and in two different sizes. Beside cupcakes, Elevate Cupcakes & decor offers a wide selection of desserts and treats. Photo courtesy: Latosha Cherry

There was a disheartening season when Cherry thought she would never be able to have children. As a young woman in her 20s and married to her first husband, she faced a challenging time of infertility. After eventually having her children, Cherry wanted to give her best to celebrate all the milestones of their lives. She strongly believes that life is worth celebrating, and she wants to bring happiness to people around her, encouraging others to do the same.

Elevate Cupcakes & Decor was born with a goal to help others create events that make lasting impressions and add happiness to people’s lives. Cherry’s vision is to create not only well-planned parties with tasteful desserts, but also to make those special moments something to remember.

True Passion to Share Joy

Even though the cupcakes have been elevated to bear the name of the business, they are only a small part what is offered by Cherry’s business. On her website, there are pictures of cake pops, chocolate covered pretzels, turtle brownies, homemade cookies, rice crispy treats and many specialties, such as “shooters,” single serving treats in a cup, either with chocolate or key lime flavors.

astoria cupcakes
Elevate Cupcakes & Decor wants to bring party experience to a new level with delicious treats and party decorations. Photo courtesy: Latosha Cherry

For the cupcake lovers, there are various options, with flavors including lemon, chocolate, peanut butter, Southern red velvet and snickerdoodle. The cupcakes are offered either in regular-sized or mini-sized servings. To make it easier for customers, she also offers whole packages with sweets, candy and backdrop décor to match all the color schemes or themes. Find more about the products and party packages on the Elevate Cupcakes & Decor Facebook page.

“We live only once….” reads the beginning of the Elevate Cupcakes & Decor website. This thought motivates Cherry to share her true passion to bring glitter and color to everyday life, but especially when it is time to celebrate all those special occasions.

To place an order, call 971-770-2412 or email elevatecupcakes@gmail.com.

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