ClatsopNews – Most Read Stories in November

As I pull off my boots and am thinking about how the weather has turned crisp (and well, quite wet!), I am reflecting on the stories that were your favorite to read in November. Did you miss a story?  Take a look at the three most read stories and our Editor’s Pick of the Month.

1. Astoria Inupiat Woman Reminisces About Her Hometown of Wales, Alaska

Hazel Nyberg stands in front of the house she lived in for her first five years in Wales, AK. Photo courtesy: Hazel Nyberg

Katherine Johnson’s article about Hazel Nyberg looks at Hazel’s unique upbringing in a small Alaska village.  A longtime resident of Astoria, Hazel shares her Inupiat heritage.

2. Joshua Conklin: Making of a Small Town Star

As a local celebrity, Joshua Conklin is frequently asked to perform and host events in and around the Astoria area. He balances his projects with his part-time job at Costco. Photo courtesy: Joshua Conklin

ClatsopNews writer Shalan Moore interviews Joshua Conklin, a local entertainer.  Get to know Josh and his dance show “Ginger Vitus’ Tooth Decay.”

3. One Girl’s Gift: Young Teslyn Wintersteen Donates Her Hair to Wigs for Kids

For her birthday this year, Teslyn asked friends and family to make a donation to Wigs for Kids instead of presents. Photo courtesy: Crystal Wintersteen

Teslyn Wintersteen was motivated to cut her hair based on her mother’s experiences with cancer as a child.  Read more about Teslyn’s gift in this article by Jared Paul Acuna.

4. Editor’s Choice: Cut Down Your Christmas Tree at a Clatsop County Tree Farm

Noble Ridge Farm has been owned by the Fanaris for 12 years. Before they took over the tree farm, it was known to locals as Flying Cloud for many years. Photo courtesy: Noble Ridge Farm

Since it’s the holidays, I just have to stay festive and pick Wendi Agalzoff’s article about U-Cut Christmas Tree farms as my favorite for November.  Keep your shop local vibe and get your tree from a local farmer.

If you have a story idea about a person, business or organization doing good things around Clatsop County, send us a note at

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