Burn to Learn in Cannon Beach 020817

Burn to Learn in Cannon Beach

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Photos by Cannon Beach Fire and Rescue

Donated home to conduct training exercise

A pillar of smoke rose above Northern Cannon Beach Sunday February 5th as local fire crews conducted a live fire on a home.  This type of “Burn to Learn” training opportunity allows firefighters to gain experience in interior fire attack, fire engine operations, testing new firefighting gear, and testing new equipment.  Fire fighters from Astoria to Nehalem participated in this unique and highly educational event.

Fire Officers conducted a Live Fire Training course for instructors on February 4th to prepare for the controlled burn on February 5th.  The course provided education and skills necessary to conduct a live fire burn in accordance with National Fire Protection Association.   Instructors from Cornelius Fire, Columbia River Fire and Rescue, Crooked River Ranch Fire, and Oregon Department of Safety Standards and Training assisted with the training class and live burn exercise.  

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Steve Moon and Frank Swedenborg 

Donated by Frank Swedenborg, Assistant Chief of Cannon Beach Fire and Rescue, the home was set afire repeatedly by fire officers and then extinguished by training fire fighters.  Swedenborg had planned on removing the home and rebuilding the lot into affordable housing to assist in the housing crunch in Cannon Beach, but decided to utilize it as a training opportunity for local fire fighters.  

Approximately 35 firefighters from Nehalem Bay, Astoria, Seaside and Cannon Beach Fire and Rescue Departments honed basic skills in Fire Attack, Search and Rescue, and Fire Operations under the leadership of instructors, Marc Reckman Division Chief of Training, and Swedenborg of Cannon Beach Fire and Rescue

Astoria and Seaside Fire Department Crew Members

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Cannon Beach Fire and Rescue Crew Members

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