Move over Shanghaied in Astoria 020817

Move over Shanghaied in Astoria

A new historical production is capturing the attention of Oregonians far and wide through the new production of Astoria Part 1, presented by Portland Center Stage. Based on the book Astoria, written by author Peter Stark, the production captures the history of how Astoria came to be as a city and educates the audience of the significance Astoria has to the lives of Oregonians.

Chris Coleman is the director and the man behind the vision of Astoria. The idea came to mind as he read Stark’s book. While interviewing with OPB for their special, “Oregon Art Beat: Art in Astoria”, Colman talks about what he took away from the book and how it didn’t seem possible to cover so much history in just one production. Thus, the production Astoria has been turned into a series of different parts in order to capture more of the story of wealth, ambition and survival.

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“Astoria” is not your typical production

Chris Coleman spent a lot of time visiting Astoria to get a genuine feel of the history and he worked hard with his crew to learn the different dialects of languages spoken during the early settlements of our oldest city in the west.  Coleman has made a serious effort in hopes that audiences come away with a genuine understanding and appreciation of those who discovered and developed Astoria as a city. 

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Astoria is presented by Portland Center Stage and has several showtimes available. For specific showtimes, information and ticket purchases, visit:

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