Clatsop College’s 93+ year-old Patriot Hall 020817

Clatsop College’s 93+ year-old Patriot Hall, Redeveloped and Rededicated become centerpiece of Clatsop Community Campus.

The reconstruction of the now 93+ year old Patriot Hall has entered the final phases of redevelopment, the reconstruction expected to wrap up near the end of spring term. The Clatsop Community College Board originally approved the Jerome Campus Redevelopment Master Plans January 8th, 2008, with a multimillion dollar project budget. Now February 2017, this redevelopment project is on track and within budget expectations, while contractors continue to make consistent progress toward completion.

The architectural designs were created by the architectural firm of SRG Partnership Inc. The project’s general contractor P&C Construction have been assisted by several sub-contractors throughout all phases of construction including some local companies. With the recent installations of glass and siding, the building is now fully enclosed now protected from the weather and work on the internal structure can begin.

Clatsop Community College has plans for a soft opening sometime this summer, prior to fall term once the finishing touches have been addressed. Several other events are planned including open houses throughout the summer introducing the finished project to the community. A Grand Opening is planned for the beginning of fall term, along with plans to rededicate Patriot Hall on Veteran’s Day. 

A tribute to soldiers of war, the dedication of this building originally happened in 1921.  A re-dedication renews our community’s 1921 promise, to honor the soldiers of all wars.

There are many places to view images, read articles or press releases regarding the planning and construction happenings throughout the Jerome Campus Redevelopment Project. On the Clatsop Community College website, you’ll find information as well as web-cam footage which has captured the entire redevelopment process. Building a safe and healthy community assures all citizens can prosper and thrive.

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